This is my site. My players don't "let" me do anything. Goddamn thing's in my fucking basement, how's that for Simprovise isn't my site? And the fact of the matter is, you're attacking it. That's all I need to know. At this point, I don't care about the reason why. I don't start shit. I end it.

So congratulations. You """won.""" I hope you feel better. You did exactly what I told you you'd do, and you destroyed my work for your own petty, stupid reasons. You don't get to be like, I like your work but I hate someone on your site so I'm going to destroy it, nothing personal. Oh, unfortunately it's pretty personal. I put a lot of time and a lot of effort into Simprovise and getting it off the ground, you don't get to do that and pretend you're my friend or you're on my side. You were against me the moment you turned on Simprovise.

Go on. Move into your palace of emptiness and leave me BE. I'm sure your greatness has far more important things to do than fuck around with some strangers halfway across the world.

By the way:
The Aos Si/Sidhe, with some inspiration from the Koro-pok-guru. The whole "stole magic from fairies" thereby our magic actually comes from the fae was a misunderstanding of a native English speaker turn-of-phrase. Basically fairies taught humans to use magic, humans ran off with it, they "stole" it. Our magic originates from something else, but the fairies are the best at it.
Undines, elemental spirits of water, of which mermaids are one.
Let's see what else is in here... Agenders, there are so many of them they have a word for themselves now, you're not special in not having a gender. It's a legitimate thing. Also, many agender folk don't like singular 'they,' that is not unique in the least. *I* don't and I'm just gender-fluid!
Gender dysphoria, this is what happens when your assigned sex is different from the one you are, which of course, a genderless individual would never feel right... the support for Morgyn being agender and having gender dysphoria are in the gender and clothing settings of the Sim.
The Beast, basically vampires in V:TM are possessed, not undead. Also I sort of wrote a huge thesis on exactly why undead vampires are unrealistic, I like science, and science tells me vampires cannot be undead, so mine literally never are.
Blood Magic, this has literally been a thing for THOUSANDS OF YEARS, oh my lord,
I could keep going but I've already spent too long on this as it is. There we go. We read the same things, pulled from the same inspiration sources, we got similar results. It happens.

You know what, this is stupid. We're literally having an argument over theft... and we're both writing fanfiction with premades. It's the dumbest shit I've ever heard. So I don't even care anymore, yo I'm spiira on Tumblr, if you want me to cite my shit ask nicely and I will tell you where my ideas come from. Spoiler: I didn't get any of my ideas from a certain Sims comic writer.

But you should look up Vampire: The Masquerade and Celtic mythology, might ring some fuckin' dings. We read the same things, pulled from the same sources, and got similar results. Also... agenders are a thing... like... what? This whole plagiarism argument is really fucking baseless and asinine, I'm just not fucking 12 anymore and I don't have the energy or the time for this shit.

LOL. You've had your truth all along buddypal. It's not our fault you don't like it. Also, go look at um, let's see, Avatar, and um, Lineage II, for starters, real-world history, humans betraying other things and taking things that aren't rightfully theirs, that's a thing that's gone back way before you or I. I'm sorry, but you did not invent that, any more than you invented anything else in that little comic of yours (yeah, I've read it now, and boy you really had to stretch shit to make it seem like we copied off you, huh). I didn't invent much in my story either. The difference is I'm not the one trying way too hard to be something I'm not.

My shit? Came from, not you, but their original sources. I've been saying this all along. With a Sims base, there are also very limited ways to arrange these things. It's common sense. This is your truth. There is nothing else to it. And you can accept it or not, it's not my problem anymore. By the way, Simprovise is actually gone now. So thanks for that. Oh and um, next time, maybe don't presume you know the wants or motivations of someone you've barely spoken to. You could try... I dunno. Asking. Oh! And funny enough if you hadn't gone claws out at someone I've known since he was fifteen I might've been more inclined to listen to you. Try that one on for size, too, you might find your life gets a bit easier.

P.S. Still not sure if you're arguing with me or yourself, so honestly, get your shit straight. You're contradicting yourself all over the place. Quite the mess really. Almost like you don't actually have an argument here.

Odinn a ydr alla!